Sunday, December 28, 2014

Signing off 2014

So much to tell...but nothing to add

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The iLLusion called Choice..

We are whatever we are because of the choices we make. No doubt!

It is said that we have been given free will by God so that we can choose and the subsequent actions will make us reach the final destination; Heaven or Hell. God has given us free will. He has given use the power to choose. But, there is a contradiction! Did he really give us the power to choose!?

God knows everything. He should also know what choice we are going to make. He, ultimately, knows where we will end up; heaven or hell. Then, why test us, if he already knows the answer of the test?? The test being this life and the answer being the final destination. Think about it. I don't have any doubt that this life is a test. Just look around you, you may realize. So, has he really given us the power to choose? Or, Is he making us choose?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its all the same.

Let us assume that a millionaire bought his favorite car, say a BMW 7 series for the first time. Obviously, he will have a sense of accomplishment and will be happy. Now, let us assume a poor man bought a bicycle for the first time, his favorite. He will also become happy. Both of them were able to buy due to their ability and hard work.

My question is will there be any difference in the level of happiness they experience. I mean to say, will the happiness or sense of achievement of the millionaire get multiplied by a million times? Or, that of the poor man at a lesser level?

I don't think so. One thing is that when people experience such emotions, its level will be more or less same. Of course, it cannot be measured. But, common sense says that such emotions just cannot get any bigger or smaller depending upon how much we spend. The feeling will be the same. The amount of happiness will be more or less same. The experience is the same. So, Why spend so much to get the same amount of feeling regardless of how you get it? A big house Vs. a small & livable one, A luxurious trip to Switzerland Vs a trip to Kashmir...Isn't it all the same at the end of the day? Its more or less trying to be happy and living within the means.

Its like someone said, "In the long run, we are all dead.". So, Isn't it better to spend the excess unwanted expenditure for uplifting the society or helping your poor neighbor and settle for a car which will serve the purpose of taking you from point A to B, in a safe and efficient manner? At least, someone will benefit with your existence in this planet.

Too much, eh? Try sacrificing. It could be a better feeling once you get used to it.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Whatever for Good

Should you be sad? Of course, things do happen which may be out of our control. But, is that a reason to be sad? If we (those who believe in a God) think little logically, you will realize that you shouldn't be sad.

The reason is simple. God does everything right. We become sad when something goes wrong. We also believe that God is responsible for what all that is happening to us (even though we get misled by the mirage called Choice) and he intends only the best for us.

So, when we say something has gone wrong and become sad, it is like saying God has done something wrong. How can that happen?; God does the right things only. He cannot do anything wrong. So, when we are sad, we accept the fact that something wrong has happened and in turn accept that God has done something wrong ......and go against the concept of God's ability to do only the right thing for us.

True believers try to realize that Whatever happens ......happens for good!...Well, it is quite a huge challenge, though. But, the moment you realize it, you will feel better.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cost of Happiness

"I am happy!!" People think they are happy if they have a laugh, or buy their dream home, car, dream job, have a "complete" family etc. etc. So, i was wondering what about those who don't have many of those..endless lists. Are they not happy? They are also happy in their own terms. What will they do if the house catches on fire, you lose your job? You become unhappy?? But, to the former group, there is a huge cost to being happy. Unless they get more of such things, they can never "increase their happiness". Hence, happiness becomes costly. Such happiness is temporary. That is why we always crave to be with someone or something all the time. To derive some happiness from their presence or that thing in some form or another. Going out with friends all time , that european trip, that posh restaurant etc. How long does it last, anyway?? Hmm..Happiness is a state of mind.A constant state of such a mind brings bliss @ peace. How do you get it??

The infamous islamic greeting "Assalaamu alaikkum wa rahmathullah wabarakaatu". (Let there be peace and prosperity with you). It is beneficial for any muslim to say it whenever S/he meets another. Why the hell do we say it? Ofcourse, everyone wants peace. But, will it come just by saying it?? I , say, Yes. It is like if you keep repeating to yourself "i am moody" or "i am happy". Unknowingly, somehow you become that. Sort of a sub-conscious effect.In a muslim country, you end up greeting some one atleast 10 times. In the process, you end up repeating it and you somehow become peaceful over a period of time. But, the essence has to be meant when you say it. It has to be meant whole-heartedly. Not like you just say it and then you backbite; which is the norm nowadays, mostly.

Then, the realization or truth that what all you see aroound is not real. But, how do you realize it? Well, if you can answer the question to where the hell will you go after your death, might provoke some thought. All religion have their own version about it. But, none has proof of it. And, the dead can never come back to tell you the truth. People live as if they never die. If anyone could come back after their death, they may tell that truth. Sounds stupid. eh?? Well, it is upto you to realize it.

so, when some sort of such realization enters your mind, you will not give much importance to any thing happening around. You will be in a constant. And, that constant could give you bliss.You wont be too happy or too sad. Just balanced!! What i am trying to say is, YOU should be the reason for your happiness. YOU should be the source of it. YOU should not derive it from your surroundings, WHOMEVER or WHATEVER!! If you realize that everything around you is temporary, you will become a constant. And, then you will realize what to really do in life!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What keeps you going...

Knowledge!!.The only thing that is the driver in your brain! Everything else will make life mundane ..ur job, ur car, ur anything will become less interesting as time goes by.. The only way to keep up the enthusiasm in life is to read and gain knowledge. Knowledge gives you new thoughts. New directions. The brain will work only if it gets inputs. No input, No output. No output, no interesting life. This is what happens to people in any job over some time. They just lose it. No sense of direction. No signboards to guide them. They live, live and live untill one day they realize how much they have wasted...But, then it will be too late.